WinWin Game Studio

About us

Game and App development studio

Creating positive functioning digital interactive

We are a group of friends who are working on creating our games and helping others to bring their game and app ideas to the real world.

“If you have a game or an app idea but don’t know how to create it, we will stand beside you and help you to create it from scratch”.

What we do

Developing games and apps and sharing our knowledge with newcomers.

Game Developer

We are Indie game developers who are working on developing our games.

Creating Your game and app idea

You don't know how to create a game or an app. There is a calling for you to do it. Here, we support you to accomplish it.

Team Core

Zeynab Mirzadeh

Producer/Game Designer

Hadi Ghasemi Nanesa

Business Developer

Amanda Merrifield

2D Artist

Léa Jouffrieau

Sound Designer/Singer

Hamidreza Karamian

Tech Lead

avatar, male, boy-1606916.jpg
Alireza Karamian

UI Designer


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Tale of Chak Chak

Interactive-novel game that contains minigames.

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An adventure game that contains some mini-games

“LaLaLand is nominated for Indie Prize China 2019 finalists.”

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It is an application created for ModeGraph company!

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Dart69 is a casual mobile game.